What about Equipment?

All equipment is available in Tutukaka, from twin sets, to wings, to closed circuit to Nitrox, to single tanks, DIN to yoke - even wetsuits, drysuits, undergarments, mask and snorkels - as well as paddleboards and kayaks. Just ask us. If we don’t have it - we can get it for you..

I have a non-diving partner - what can they do?

Your partner can join on the boat daily for the snorkel and sightsee option - we highly recommend this at least just the once - and then there are wine tours, pottery and gallery tours, day trips to the Bay of Islands, day spa options, lunching and beach-walks - eBike hire, private walking tours, and gorgeous coastal walks - Tutukaka is a diverse and interesting destination.

I have dietary requirements…

No problems. Let us know your specific requirements - what you can and cannot eat - and we will cater for you. Tutukaka is a coastal town so expect some fresh seafood!